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When To Look For An Emergency Plumbing Company

We at Intact Plumbing and Heating provide emergency plumbing repairs in Bergen County & Passaic County, New Jersey. We understand that there is never a convenient and well-cautioned time for a drain to clog or toilets to back up – emergencies tend to happen unexpectedly, and it is during such unfortunate times that we, as experienced and knowledgeable about any emergency plumbing service, will promise you good work and excellent solutions.

Fortunately for you, emergency plumbing service is our claim to fame! Our experts provide fast, 24 hour emergency plumbing repairs, all days of the year. Consider us as a family of professionals who are experienced to handle kitchen plumbing services and bathroom plumbing services. We’re just right where you need us during late nights, on the weekend, and during holidays too. All you have to do is contact us, and we will be at your service anytime of the day or night.

Types of emergency plumbing repairs where you need to seek experts help:

  • Broken Water Pipes: Even a minor water pipe burst can cause distressing damage to your home. During such an event, immediately turn off all the main water valves for preventing flooding of your home. Then give us a call to come and fix your broken water pipes as fast as possible. Do not attempt to fix anything yourself, as professional help is required to avoid the mess.
  • Backed-Up Sewer Lines: When the sewer lines get backed-up, it’s not an easy fix. In most cases the line will need to be either repaired or replaced. During such an event, turn off the main water valve and contact a professional local plumbing service like us immediately. We will ensure 100% customer satisfaction and fix the issue in no time.
  • Gas Leaks: When you suspect a gas leak, shut off the main gas valves that are located next to the household gas meter immediately. Then call us whose services include repairing broken gas pipes. During such a leakage event, evacuate yourself and your family out of the house until the leak is detected and repaired by us. Do not attempt to solve the issue yourself as this is a dangerous repair and you will require a professional leak repair company to resolve the issue.
  • Water Heater Leaks: It’s deemed unpleasant and distressing when your water heater constantly leaks, but during such events, you should contact a professional plumber who’s savvy and experienced enough to solve this issue for you. Always remember to contact an emergency plumbing service company who specializes in such extreme and unforeseen damages.

Some other emergency plumbing situations where you need to call an expert like us are pipe replacement of any water and sewer systems, frozen pipes, drain cleaning, garbage disposal installation, toilet installation, shower repair and plumbing re-piping.

Call us when you have need of us and our serviced technicians will quote you an affordable and fair price for our reliable plumbing services. We have years of training and on-the-job experience required to tackle any plumbing installations and repairs in your home or commercial space.

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Whether you require simply deplete cleaning or a whole pipes registration, call our group of qualified and talented handymen. we take pride in the work we perform with our dedicated plumbers.

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