Water Leak Detection in Bergen County & Passaic County

Water Leak Detection

A high percentage of the water and heat pipes are hidden in the basement, house foundation and walls. In most cases, their exact location can only be detected by specialized technicians. Therefore, spotting pipe aging and damage is impossible without the help of professionals. The earliest signs of leaks detectable by the client are small portions of wet wall or increased water bills. Intact Plumbing & Heating provides water leak detection for all types of pipes, regardless of the crack’s size. Using high-tech equipment, our professionals “see” the damaged pipes and valves in a matter of minutes and address them on the spot so that the water and/or heating system functions properly in no time.

What is water leak detection service?

Water leak detection service involves using specialized equipment to check the pipes’ condition and locate any possible cracks or leaks. The professionals at Intact Plumbing &Heating are trained to use electronic leak detection equipment for prompt and accurate leak diagnose.

Call for a water leak detection when:

  • The wall or the floor is wet or presents yellow stains without spilling anything on the affected area.
  • The wall/floor is fissured.
  • The water bill increases constantly compared with the last months, without you making any changing in water consumption routine.
  • The water meter continues to change even when the water consumption is on hold. In order to test it, close all water faucets, toilets and appliances using water for at least one hour and keep an eye on the meter.
  • The heating system is not functioning properly, even though the heating appliance seems to work well.
  • There is a sound of water running even when all the water sources are closed.
  • There are wet and warm areas on the floor and no heating source is present in that spot.
  • Mold and foul odors appear in areas where there is no source of humidity.

How long does it take?

Traditional plumbing leak detection service takes an entire day. The up-to-date electric leak detection spots the piping problems in half an hour to two hours, depending on the position of the pipes which need to be inspected and the size of the plumbing network. Furthermore, the detection points the exact place of the leak, so that our technicians can address only the affected area.

Why choose Intact Plumbing& Heating for pipe leak detection?

The team of professionals at Intact Plumbing &Heating is always ready to come to your house or business establishment. If you are looking for a 24 hour plumbing service in Bergen County and Passaic County, New Jersey, give us a call. There is always someone to answer the phone and a licensed and insured plumber is ready to head to the specified address. Furthermore, we have modern detection equipment for spotting the leak location. Our tool kit includes all types of tools necessary to address almost all types of leaks, cracks or plumbing problems. So, we not only detect the problem, but we also fix it on the spot so that your life can follow its normal course as soon as possible.

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