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Water Heater Installation

Do you like hot or cold shower?

Everyone had at least once in a lifetime “upsetting shower”. You stepped into a tub or shower hoping to wash away your long stressful day and can’t get a hot shower. You turn the handle up trying to get your faucet to understand you need that hot water, but it is not happening. The first thing you do after you dressed is to go to the utility room to look at your water heater.

In most cases you have this big fat tall tank. Here are some pictures that will help you identify your water heater so when you talk with a plumber about replacing or servicing your tank water heater you’ll know what to talk about. The most commons water heaters in our area are gas water heater.

Gas Water Heater  – Atmospheric Vent (Through a chimney)

Gas Water Heater Installation

Gas Water Heater  – Atmospheric Vent

Tank gas water heater has a main control valve which located on the bottom front of the tank.
Due to the fact that this water heater uses gas (or propane) it needs to be vented to outside your home. If you have a metal duct coming from top of the heater (as the picture above), than your heater is vented through a chimney. Another type of a tank gas water heater is a gas power vent water heater which install in properties that do not have chimney. Gas power vent water heater uses a motor blower on top of the heater which blow the combustion through PVC pipe (in most installations) directly to outside your home (either through your roof or side of the house). We install all major brand like Bradford White, A.O Smith, Rheem & State.


Electric Water Heater

Electric water heater uses electricity to heat the water instead of gas. It is common in the areas where natural gas isn’t an option. A lot of apartment buildings are using electric water heater. Electric water heater has 1 or 2 elements which heat the water inside the tank. It doesn’t have a vent, but have electrical wire connected to the top of the heater. In case you need to shut off the heater you need to find the right breaker in your electrical panel. We install all major brand like Bradford White, A.O Smith, Rheem & State.


Tankless Water Heater

 Tankless water heater as it’s name doesn’t look like a tank. It’s smaller and doesn’t store hot water until you’ll need to use hot water. Tankless start to heat a small amount of water very quickly as soon as you open your tap or need hot water. It’s on demand hot water.  It is more efficient then the tank water heater as if works only when you need hot water. Tankless water heater available in gas, propane or electric. Tankless heaters are mounted on the walls inside your home (In warmer states it can be installed outside). Gas tankless water heater vented directly outside and need also fresh intake air from outside to help burn more gas in order to heat the water quickly. Due to the fact that tankless water heater is more energy efficient, some states offer tax rebate and other deductions when you replacing tank water heater with tankless. We can offer installation of any brand but we mainly recommend Navien, Rinnai and Bosch.