06 Jun. 18

Tips For Hiring A Drain Cleaning Plumber

Drain cleaning is a grave plumbing service that most homeowners depend on a drain cleaning plumber to get to the bottom of. Hiring a drain cleaning plumber may account for a few more expenses as compared to when you’re taking on the task yourself, but it’s more beneficial in the long run. What you require is an expert drain cleaning plumber with the correct plumbing tools and drain cleaning equipment to break down clogged drains and blockage to remove unwanted debris and water congestion. You may have the required knowledge to work a plunger and utilize chemical drain cleaners in the drains inside your home, but, sometimes, those are insufficient for extreme draining cleaning problems.

When this happens, there are a few tips or pointers to consider for hiring a drain cleaning plumber.

Legitimate Experience

The kind of experience a drain cleaning plumber offers matters a great deal when you’re deciding on hiring one. Most homeowners just look at whether he/she is a licensed plumber or not, which is most often tossed aside when a local plumbing service company chooses its best plumbers. As a responsible homeowner, you need to make sure that your drain cleaning plumber offers experience and quality deliverance to get the job done immediately. Although, experienced plumbers are most expensive to hire as compared to those with much less or no experience at all, when it comes to your home’s draining system, you need to ensure that you’re hiring the best to benefit you in the long run.

Professionally Licensed

A licensed drain cleaning plumber is more confident and proficient with all the draining problems such as blockages in the sink drain, clogging of the pipes, shower drains and floor drains, sewer drain damages, high water pressure jetting, etc. They come with specialized plumbing tools and equipment to diagnose and fix every major or minor types of commercial and residential draining problems that might cause greater problems for your property in the future.

You should know that a drain cleaning plumber undergoes multiple training sessions to become aware and skilled in the laws, precautions, safety checks and mechanisms to become a licensed plumber. He/she is required to take on a specified number of working hours to stay up-to-date on latest plumbing technologies and challenges to become a professionally licensed drain cleaning plumber. So, you understand the scope and importance of hiring a plumber who is qualified and licensed in what he/she does.

Rightful Fee

Most of the times, when a drain cleaning plumber comes to inspect your draining system’s damages from a professional plumbing service, he/she will first conduct a thorough investigation to provide you with a fair estimate of the total cost it would expect to fix the apparent problems. As a responsible homeowner, you need to ensure that the cost provided by your plumber is inclusive of cost of the plumbing materials, and other utilities such as for an emergency support, labor, etc. Other modes of fee from a drain cleaning plumber can be of an hourly payment, which doesn’t include the cost of materials or a flat rate, which does not alter in the long run. The former one is deemed more expensive if you’re looking for a drain cleaning plumber for a longer duration of time.

Apart from that, it is also necessary to be aware of when your plumber requires the payment: some prefer to get paid after the completion of the specified work while some prefer to get paid depending on the time taken to fix the draining damage. Also, some plumbers also charge extra for the cleaning up process after the damages have been fixed. This you can determine when you make a call for hiring a drain cleaning plumber, beforehand.


To avoid paying an unnecessary amount for some extra repairs or replacement, ensure that your plumber offers any sort of a warranty in a written form to lay out important details such as the guarantee of finishing his/her in a specified time period and whether if the plumber is viable to charge you extra in case something goes wrong with the work completed.

Quick Deliverance

When hiring a drain cleaning plumber a 24 hour plumbing service or an emergency plumbing service, request for a proper time and term of how soon the plumber would come to fix your problem. Our plumbing experts are highly-trained for emergency plumbing situations and will come fix the drain cleaning problems for you on the same day itself!

The Importance of Hiring a Drain Cleaning Plumber

There are some extreme plumbing jobs like drain cleaning which homeowners want to fix effectively with the guidance of an experienced professional, which only a licensed drain cleaning plumber can deliver. You require a drain cleaning plumber when your sinks and tubs are draining extremely slowly, the toilet takes more time than usual to flush and also when the constant flow of water down your bathroom’s shower drain along with unwanted materials like hair, dirt, and debris flows into the drain pipes causes blockage and stoppage that even a chemical drain cleaner can’t fix. It is best to employ a professional residential plumbing service, like us at Intact Plumbing & Heating who provide all plumbing repair services in Bergen County & Passaic County, in New Jersey, to inspect your home’s draining system and overhaul the draining damages immediately.

Intact Plumbing & Heating employs expert drain cleaning plumbers capable of handling any drain cleaning you require. They are well-equipped to help you diagnose all kinds of drain and sewer problems; they also understand the agents that lead to a drain cleaning phenomenon such as the buildup of debris, grease, food materials, plastic, hygiene products, etc. that get caught in drains and clog up the pipes. Besides clogged-up pipes and drain stoppage, we are fully aware of other places inside your home such as floor drains, sink drains, and toilet drains. We offer thoroughgoing drain cleaning services at the hands of professional drain cleaning plumbers in Bergen County & Passaic County, New Jersey.