Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation in Bergen County & Passaic County

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Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation in Bergen County & Passaic County

Space-saving and long-lasting, the tankless water heaters are increasingly becoming the popular choice in New Jersey. They offer a continuous stream of hot water with less electricity (or gas) consumption and that too without occupying a considerable space in our basement or the attic. Intact Plumbing & Heating installs and repairs all types and brands of tankless water heaters. Whether you want to switch from tank to tankless water heater or repair your existent heater, our licensed and insured plumbers are ready to help you out.

Tankless water heater repair

Tankless water heaters are extremely reliable and can last for a long period without any break-down. However, time and the wear and tear affect heaters in the same manner as any other appliance. When leaks occur or the water is no longer heated properly, you know there is some problem with the heater and you can call us. Our 24 hours emergency plumber offers heating repair services for all types and brands of water heaters. All our technicians are licensed and trained at the workplace so that you benefit from prompt problem diagnose and high-quality repairs performed in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, our emergency heating repair services are the most affordable services in the area. Clients’ reviews will convince you that we are the number one choice for the tankless water heater repair in Bergen and Passaic Counties.

Tankless water heater replacement

When the old water heater cannot be repaired and needs an upgrade, the technicians at Intact Plumbing & Heating help you remove it and replace it with a new, energy efficient heater that perfectly fits the family’s requirements. We can use the existing piping network and adapt it to the new heater, if necessary. If the existing piping is no longer trustworthy, the plumbing experts will install new pipes. This way ensures that the risk of leaks is reduced to the minimum and the new tankless water heater functions to its maximum capacity.

Tankless water heater installation

We have installed a large number of tankless water heaters from all producers, so we know exactly how to do it the right way, from the first time. We have the necessary training, skills and tools to create the necessary plumbing from scratch and connect the appliance to the gas or electricity grid.


The variety of tankless water heaters available in the market enables clients to choose the most appropriate heater for their family and/or business. In order to make the right choice, one must consider factors such as the number of people using the heater, amount of water consumed, estimated budget for the purchase, estimated annual power/gas consumption and so on. Our technicians provide guidance for commercial and residential clients looking for a tankless water heater. We compare different brands and product specifications and apply them to clients’ needs and budget to find the heater which best suits their requirements. Call us and get a free consultation from one of our technicians.

At Intact Plumbing & Heating, we know everything about tankless water heaters! Let us help with their repair, installation, replacement or purchase and save your money and time! We are available for emergency water heaters repair and installation as well as for long-term piping projects in New Jersey.