Guide To Electronic Leak Detection

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Guide To Electronic Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Services

We at Intact Plumbing and Heating provide brilliant pipe leak detection service that includes electronic leak detection and pipe leak repair services for homes and businesses in Bergen County & Passaic County, New Jersey. Our technicians rely on the latest technology that is effective and detect even the slightest of the leaks before it cause big damage to your property. Our experienced professionals have the skill and the correct tools to locate the leaks and mend them, so they are no longer a hindrance. You need to stop paying for an expensive and destructive digging spree just to find your leak when you can always opt for a less costly way to detect and solve your leakage problems by choosing us to do your electronic leak detection service. With our accurate and non-destructive leak detection services, we will quickly locate your hidden leaks with the help of our special electronic leak detection technique and guarantee an undamaged property.

Why Electronic Leak Detection Is Important?

The electronic leak detection has several benefits. Few of them are:

  • The most important and challenging part of any leakage repair is finding the correct source and cause of the leak, which is undertaken with ease with the help of an electronic leak detection It even detects the pinhole leaks if any.
  • It is a cost-effective method to check for leaks as there is no damage to the property. It is non-invasive technique is quite successful as there is no mess. As there is no Trial and Error procedure, exact results are assured.
  • You can even re-check the repaired areas immediately and ensure that the leak is fixed. It is a great relief as you need not worry about the problems associated with the leaks.

Electronic Leak Detection Made Easy

It is an extremely high-tech and specialized way to detect leaks in waterproofing systems and low slope roofing. Intact Plumbing and Heating’s professionals trace the flow of an electric current across any surface to reveal any particular issues with the system. The entire technique of electronic leak detection depends on your needs and the system malfunction that you may face. We accurately, locate and settle unnecessary leakage on the residential and commercial systems like:

  • In the basement
  • Leakage in walls and ceilings
  • Swimming pools, fountains and other outdoor installations
  • Kitchen and bathroom systems
  • Water service lines
  • Underground water lines
  • Sewers and concealed domestic water plumbing systems
  • Sprinkler and other irrigation systems

Using the latest electronic leak detection system, our professionals will locate all the leaks in your residential and commercial property without damaging anything. Don’t pay the high utility bills because of any water leak damage and get in touch with us, a professional and licensed leak detection company, to determine the damage and construe the leak to prevent any mishaps in the future and along with it, costly overhaul.

As we are fully insured, licensed and experienced electronic leak detection and pipe leak repair company we assure 100% customer satisfaction. Just give us a call and we will be there well in time to ensure minimum inconvenience to you.