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Gas water heater is an essential home appliance and one day without it in the winters can cause great inconvenience. Gas water heaters usually fail at the most unexpected time, causing inconvenience and affects the life. If your gas water heater doesn’t heat the water, or stay lit or doesn’t heat the water enough, Intact Plumbing and Heating is available around the clock for any emergency services.

We at Intact Plumbing and Heating answer all your questions and provide solutions for your home’s gas water heater repair services in Bergen County & Passaic County, New Jersey. We cater to all plumbing and water heating repairs for homes and commercial properties. With our strong customer service team, we will get back to your query on how to repair a water heater and send a team of trained and highly-skilled technicians to solve your problems for you.

Common Gas Water Heater Problems

These are some of the common gas water heater problems and some tips to perform the diagnostics:

  1. Gas Water Heater Does not Heat

If your gas water heater doesn’t heat the water at all, you can resort to the following diagnostics:

  • Make sure that the gas to the water heater is on. You can ensure it by turning the knob of the gas control knob to pilot water heater. Then, remove the metal cover of the water heater to check if the burner is lit or not. This way you can be sure that the gas to the water heater is turned on.
  • Sometimes the pilot of the water heater’s pilot light goes out; when that happens follow the directions mentioned on the tank. Another possible way is to turn the handle parallel to the line when the gas inlet valve is closed partially.
  • When the burner isn’t on, change the cover and ensure the thermostat is fixed to about 120 degrees F. After a few moments, if the burner doesn’t ignite, keep changing the temperature setting on the dial while the hot water is running till the burner ignites.
  • Once the burner ignites, change the cover and turn the thermostat back to its ideal setting. If still the burner hasn’t ignited, it’s safe to say that you need to contact us to look into the appliance and see for any defects.
  • Until the end, if you get a foul garlic-like smell, immediately switch the gas valve to OFF and wait for a while until the smell disappears before relighting the pilot light.
  1. Water Doesn’t Get Hot Enough

When your gas water heater fails to provide consistent hot water, perform the following diagnostics:

  • Switch the thermostat of the water heater temperature dial to a hotter setting. If you see any changes in the flames, that’s when it will ignite, leave the dial at the setting and measure the temperature of the water after an hour.
  • If the water heater’s burner doesn’t ignite at all and the water keeps getting less and less hot, check to see if the pilot light hasn’t gone out. If it has, then perform the instructions given in the water heater’s manual and relight it.
  1. Pilot Light Does not Stay Lit

Sometimes when the water heater’s pilot light is off, you need to follow the manual’s instructions to set it up again. But if the pilot light keeps going off consistently, there are chances that it might have gotten dirty and clogged, so keep the area as clean and dirt-free as possible for the flames to be on.

Our technicians are the best-trained experts in the area, making sure that each element of your gas water heater is properly inspected, repaired, and conditioned to look as good as new. Intact Plumbing and Heating’s training managers make sure that each and every one of our gas water heater repair technicians are abreast in all aspects of gas water heater repair and replacement.

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