04 Jun. 18

Essential Tips to Prepare your Kitchen and Bathroom for Winter

As human beings, it is our innate habit to wait until something gets completely damaged before we finally decide to call a professional to repair or replace it. We, at Intact Plumbing, provide all plumbing repairs and service in Bergen County and Passaic County in New Jersey, want you to completely avoid the inconvenience caused by the most common and predictable plumbing problems that inevitably arise in the winter. Most of these problems arise because you neglect or fail to take the necessary steps and essential tips to prepare your home for winter.

Get your Kitchen Winter-Ready

The cold winter months can cause major problems with your kitchen plumbing if you don’t take the necessary simple steps to prepare your kitchen for the winter. The sink is an essential part of your kitchen, so you have to make sure that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. We advise our customers to pour one gallon of bleach with hot water down the kitchen sink every month to clear out the drain pipe and let the water flow out easily. The kitchen plumbing services that we offer include protecting the pipes from freezing, which, whether you like it or not, happens quite a lot in the winter. So to prepare your kitchen for winter and to prevent the kitchen plumbing pipes from freezing, we highly recommend you to wrap the un-insulated pipes with layers of foam.

The best time to get all major and minor kitchen pipe leak repair done is right before winter. Check all the faucets in your kitchen for drips and puddles, and if you find a leaky faucet then contact our professional Intact Plumbing technicians that provide highly trained and efficient kitchen plumbing services to get your pipes back in flawlessly working conditions.

As a heating service company, the most common and obvious check we would advise you to carry out to prepare the kitchen for winter is to test if the heating systems maintenance has been done flawlessly. You don’t want your boiler or radiator to stop working on a chilly, snowy day. So to avoid such a tragedy from taking place in your home, it is advisable to get your boiler, as well as the radiator, and other heating appliances serviced by our professional and experienced technicians at least once a year before winter to keep your home warm and comfy in the cold season.

Winter also calls for a kitchen makeover with the clearing out of the left-over food and products from the warmer season. Giving away half-empty salad dressing bottles and uneaten ice lollies to make room for more comfortable, hearty and healthy food are a part of making room for winter in your kitchen. Warm stews and one-pots are the winter staples when it comes to food, so stock up on pulses and fill your freezer with a good deal of cheap cuts of meat. Expensive meat gets eliminated from the winter budget as slow cooking is going to be the order of the day in the winter, and stocking up on meat means fewer trips to the supermarket in the chilly weather. Keep the herbs and spices like cumin and cinnamon closer to reach on the kitchen shelves, because winter herbs and spices can do a lot more in the winter, than you can imagine.

The slow cooker that has been collecting dust somewhere in some corner of the kitchen is now going to make its winter appearance. Salad spinners and its cousins can take the back of the stage now to make room for casserole dishes. Once the essentials are all in place and ready to heat up your kitchen, it’s time to get those recipe books out and select a few recipes that you would want to cook to make your winter warmer and utterly delicious.

Get your Bathroom Winter-Ready

The winter season is one of the happiest times of the year, but that can easily turn into one of the most inconvenient times of the year if your bathroom is not prepped up for the cold days. The tankless water heater plumbing in your home is the most important element in the winter. Water heaters were invented to make winters warmer and more enjoyable for people. So now is the perfect time to ensure that there are no problems with tankless hot water heater and that the magical appliance is functioning properly. Our tankless water heater maintenance service will carry out any repairs or water heater replacement if there seems to be any problem with the unit.

Deciding to hire a plumbing service company to carry outpipe leak detection service in the bathroom should be the next priority when preparing your bathroom for winter. If you have a pipe leak repair to be done in the bathroom, however, small the leak may be, we would advise you to call us immediately to get the pipe leak repair performed as soon as possible. It is important to note that waiting for the water to freeze before getting the leak fixed can cause permanent damage to the surrounding pipes. So scan your bathroom thoroughly for any existing or possible leaks.

An urgent and most necessary step to take to prepare your bathroom for winter is to check if all the pipes are insulated. As a professional bathroom plumbing services company that has a considerable amount of experience in fixing pipes, we know how important and absolutely essential it is to have insulated pipes, as insulated pipes’ core temperature doesn’t tend to decrease as quickly as un-insulated ones on colder days. Another helpful tip to prepare your bathroom for winter is to check for openings in the pipes. Even a minor crack or fissure in any bathroom pipe has a significant risk of freezing or getting damaged even further. So hire professional help as soon as you detect a crack in any of the bathroom pipes, and our prompt and expert plumbing services experts will get to you as quickly as possible and help you prepare your bathroom for winter in a much better and proficient manner.