Boiler Repair and Installation in Bergen County & Passaic County

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Boiler Repair and Installation in Bergen County & Passaic County

Boiler Repair

Intact Plumbing & Heating provides boiler installation services and repairs in New Jersey. From maintenance work to emergency repairs, we address all types of problems associated with gas and electric boilers. Our business is 24/7 open and is available to residential as well as commercial clients.

Emergency boiler repair

Waking up with no hot water or receiving guests in a frozen house for Christmas is not a pleasant experience for anyone. In fact, a broken boiler is not a good news regardless of the time of the year or hour of the day. We understand that boilers break at inconvenient times and we are always here to put them back on track. Our professionals perform all types of heating and plumbing repairs 24 hours per day, every day (including weekends and holidays) so that clients can resume their ordinary life as soon as possible. The list of repairs includes:

  • Gas leaks;
  • Water leaks;
  • Loss of water pressure;
  • Cleaning gas burners and heat exchangers;
  • Thermostat problems;
  • Frozen condensate pump;
  • Error lights on the boiler panel;
  • Lime-scale build-up in the heat exchanger (“kettling”).

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so even if your problem is not on the list, give us a call and tell us what it is about and we are sure to have a solution.

Boiler installation and replacement

When the existing boiler is no longer safe or it is outdated, a replacement is imperative. We provide free guidance regarding the most suitable boiler type and brand for residential clients as well as for commercial clients in New Jersey. Once the purchase is made, a team will arrive at the location to remove the old boiler (if it is necessary) and install the new one. Adjustments to the pipe and gas network are done to ensure that the boiler is safely installed and the work looks neat and organized.

When the work is done, our team makes the final check of the boiler to ensure everything is put in the right position. During this step, the technicians will answer any questions related to the boiler’s functioning and its maintenance.

Cleaning and testing

The boiler’s safety and efficiency are primordial. Regular cleaning and testing ensure that the boiler is safe to use for at least a few months or years and that it functions at its highest capacity. A thorough annual inspection is recommended to keep the boiler in good condition and maintain its efficiency. The technicians at Intact Plumbing & Heating clean the pipes, the exhausting system and test the overall functioning of residential and commercial boilers. When tests are not satisfactory, tune-ups and efficiency adjustments may be suggested. Also, owners of updated boilers will notice that new boilers can decrease their bill up to 40%.

Whenever you need boiler installations services and repair, give us a call. Our licensed installers reach any address in Bergen County and Passaic County, New Jersey in less than 45 minutes. Furthermore, our high-quality services are extremely affordable and we ensure to make only those adjustments which increase efficiency and safety and do not break your budget.