04 Jun. 18

7 Common Home Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

As homeowners, plumbing is supposed to be one of the most necessary elements to consider, for avoiding any futile damages done to your home. The licensed plumbers working for us at Intact Plumbing & Heating are reliable and often people of Bergen County & Passaic County, New Jersey rely on them for common plumbing issues. While it is normal to call an emergency plumbing company once in a while because something went drastically wrong with your plumbing, it is not prudent to sow the seeds of disaster yourself. You must ensure a consistent, efficient and fool-proof way to handle your faucets, toilet, sink, pipes, etc. so you don’t have to rush call every time some tiny mishap occurs. As far as our plumbing repair services go, we are fully-equipped in dealing with all sorts of plumbing emergencies and we’re up and able to fix the plumbing issues instantly.

Let’s look at the 7 most common home plumbing mistakes that homeowners must avoid:


While it’s obvious that a toilet is meant to flush human waste, some homeowners go beyond the practice and throw away other disposable trash like cotton buds, paper towels, and other hygiene products leading to the clogged up drains, overflowing toilets, and septic tank problems. Such an unhygienic habit invites other consequences like the remains of an odorous mess that can take hours to clean up. Our plumbing experts will quickly come and fix up that toilet for you, but such a disaster is best when completely avoided as it causes inconvenience to homeowners and simply put: it’s unhealthful. Ensure that you don’t experiment with your flushing mechanisms with different products and stick to flushing only human waste down the toilet. Never flush garbage or extraneous items. If you have small children running around your home, make sure that they’re at a distance away from the toilet when they’re playing with toys, cars, and other items.


Drains are designed to withstand one or two small food scraps, but when other foods like celery, rice, pasta, vegetables, etc are forced down the sink, it leads to a jam and the drains get damaged due to the overwork. Overloading the drain is an extremely common mistake most homeowners make without even realizing it. Forcing wrong things down the drain is always problematic and over time, grease and thrust can clog your drain badly enough that your entire sink stops working. You might have to contact a kitchen plumbing services company very frequently which will also increase your plumbing costs. Don’t abuse your drain with substances that can easily be thrown away, and ideally, water should be the only thing going down your drain.


It’s no surprise when you break a faucet while turning it off; this is the most common mistake we’ve solved at Intact Plumbing & Heating. And trying yourself to fix that broken faucet is also another common mistake our plumbers have come across. If your faucet is leaking, applying too much pressure on the handle will not stop the leak. In fact, it will make the matters even worse. For such a fixture, it’s not about how much strength you have to fix the faucet that looks doable to you; it’s about having the proper knowledge and skill to implement a fix like that. That’s why you should call us, a local plumbing service that can undertake both plumbing leak detection service and all plumbing repairs and service right to your doorstep.


Leaving the water on during any residential plumbing service and repair will cause a flood in your house, unexpectedly. Without any delay, make sure to switch off the water before attempting any kind of a repair. Once you turn off the main valve, all your water sources would be postponed. However, sometimes, it is necessary to double check other localized valves around sinks and toilets as well as any water source in your attic or basement to be sure that the water is stopped completely.


Sometimes it’s easy to think that the fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc. are fitted well, the amount of weight on them is absolutely normal. Let us inform you that it is not. Doesn’t matter what you put on your showerheads or handles, but be careful how much weight you put on them. Neglecting this will cause frequent and serious damages to your fixtures that you won’t be skilled enough to solve on your own. Only an expert plumbing service company, like us, will be able to retread the spoiled mechanism of the fixtures. If possible, avoid putting any weight on them altogether.


There are many ways to unclog the drain, but not all are suitable for every drain. Such plumbing tricks come with proper instructions for different draining mechanisms and unknowingly implementing any one at random can lead to severe damages to the toilet bowl, and corrode and damage the very foundations of your plumbing. For example: using a drain snake to unclog the toilet is in-apt. You can either use a plunger or an auger to unclog the drain as both are compatible tools for the job. It is extremely crucial that you have proper knowledge about the tools you’re using for the job at hand. If you’re unaware of the proper tools, contact us at Intact Plumbing & Heating to rush and solve the clogged drain quickly. Sometimes it’s better to let professionals handle your plumbing installation and other emergency plumbing repairs rather than you racking your brain and possibly even causing more damage to your plumbing mechanisms.


Whether you’re skilled enough to take on the task of installing a new sink or even a toilet, one of the most easily forgettable aspects that we’ve come across is leveling. Leveling your installation can prevent major plumbing disasters that will affect your plumbing mechanisms in the long run. If you’re doing all the plumbing installation yourself ensure that leveling takes place almost consistently or you can contact our commercial plumbing contractors. This is a wise practice that’s easy to implement that helps you save future plumbing services costs.